Space: Don't Look At Me Like That, I May Break

Lisa’s Story – Lisa was never truly comfortable in her own skin. The only thing she ever wanted was to escape her own reality and find solace in something else. Everything and everyone she’d ever known seemed foreign and suffocating and she only ever felt genuinely safe when she was running. Until life finally forced her to stop. She had no other option but to change her habits, her survival depended on it.

A story about family breakdown, sexual fluidity, addiction, endurance and the choice between self-destruction and triumph.

Space: Everybody Shut Up, I'm Trying To Think

Leyna’s Story - Leyna thought her life was ordinary. She liked it that way. She liked her anonymity and mundanity. It was when she expected it least that her world and her heart opened up. Her anxieties and insecurities slowly faded and she found a power within herself she never thought possible. Only when she put her needs first and was truly honest, was she able to find the best possible version of herself. And she liked what she found.

This is a story of self-discovery, friendship and love. And ultimately, living your most genuine reality.

Coming soon,

the third book in the Space series


Space: Three Parents and A Half Sister

(Julie’s Story)