Space: Everybody Shut Up, I'm Trying To Think

“Here is a book which unpacks the everyday motions of life, the minute by minute emotions of living in everyday language. It’s real and raw.”

Monica Attard, OAM and Walkley Award winning Journalist
“Honest, intimate and real. At first, you’re on the outside looking in. But quickly, you find yourself walking every step, thinking every thought and feeling every seemingly mundane moment. A uniquely entertaining read, where you will not only connect, but will grieve, laugh, regret, hope and enjoy along the way. Just try to put it down.”

Adrian Cachia, Co-Founder and Director, MindMethods
“This is so beautifully written that it hooked me right away! With just a few pages it took me through tons of emotions and I felt that most women can relate to this in one way or another.”

Erika Montebello
“Space is like a nice cuppa tea and a bickie, you want to snuggle up somewhere comfy with it. At first you take little sips and nibbles, but soon you are gulping it down and contemplating a second bickie. It is honest and full of people you know, you just might not have realised it.”

Anna Roulette
“I felt a strong connection with Leyna immediately. I was intrigued by the plot and couldn’t put the book down.”

Maryam Freeman